Is My Pet Having
an Emergency

Pets can behave in unusual ways at times, so it may not always be easy to determine if they’re experiencing an urgent situation or not. For your information, the Animal Emergency Center has compiled a list of common conditions that can indicate an emergency. Click on the headers below for some of the common symptoms of each condition. If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, please call our clinic immediately at (570) 742-7400.

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Respiratory problems

Excessive bleeding

Bloated or distended abdomen

Urinary retention



Uterine inertia (inability to deliver)

Trauma or injury

Penetrating wounds


Allergic reaction



Neurological abnormalities

Slow Heart Rate

Rapid heart rate


Eye problems

Swollen paws (dogs)


If your pet exhibits symptoms not outlined above or if you have any questions, please call us at (570) 742-7400.


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